Quelotazo the leading company in the production of corn has for you a great variety of products at the disposal and reach of your pocket.

We have different sizes and prices so that no one is left with the desire to eat a rich corn and what better the way that Quelotazo handles.
We have for you from our classic "Naturalito" which is the classic corn with salt, lemon and chile to our specialty "Elo-Mix" that comes with the traditional seasoning plus seasoning, chipotle and cheese. "Elo-Mix" can be accompanied with 2 more special ingredients.

The important thing in Quelotazo is that you arm the corn in the way that you like the most, you can enjoy its rich flavor and the great variety of ingredients that our company has for you.
As they are cheese, cream, BBQ dressing, chipotle, doritos nacho, takis, runners, cheetos flamimn-hot, fried, chipotle dressing.